Importing products

from China in all places

Export mining raw materials, petrochemical products & … etc to China from all places.

Business with China and importing goods from this country needs a very professional work. A lot of investors who had decide to import products without any background and experiences caused themselves a big lost in investments. Because, most of the companies in internet and as well as China exhibition in  are not the real trading companies. These kinds of companies either cannot handle the responsibility of importing or providing you with poor quality products.
In order to import goods from China, we are your trust source in investing, quality check, transporting and expenditure…

Our Services List


Sending invitation in order if you are interested to travel to China.


Consultation about trades and importing products from China in all places.


Finding required manufacturer based on your requirement.


Providing samples for customers before and after purchasing the product.


Having contracts on products quality and quantity, production, packing, and transportation.


Commercial contracts according to the laws of both countries And Receiving Agents.


Consultation about buying product in whole country of China.


cloning production Industrial of other countries in China.


We make all the arrangements for troublesome import & Export work.


Introducing and offering exporting goods to China, investigating, contract, following, transportation of your goods from China to all around the world.


Support in all exhibitions held in China in all places.


Cooperation with you in trading and investing in all places of China.


You can leave the inspection of manufacturers and exhibitions to us. We offer efficient inspection support, including interpretation at special rates.

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